Community Land Off West Garth

Community Land Off West Garth.

The Parish Council have put in an application for planning permission for the development of a sports and fitness exercise area on the land that Barrett’s have left for the community on West Garth.  Enclosed is a plan of the proposal for residents to study and hopefully support as this will be of great benefit to the Village.  This will take a while to develop as we will need to raise the finance through grants and donations etc.
The Parish Council are proposing to use the land for a community sport and outside activity facility, subject to planning permission.  Hopefully facilities will be free and designed for residents of all ages and abilities.  There will be parking for 20 cars allowing families to visit safely.  The site will be landscaped with trees and shrubs to soften any sound and visual impact on the area.

Some of the proposed facilities are a follows.

  • Power walking and jogging track
  • Cycle pump track, plus small pump track for young children
  • Various moulded landscape areas using timber and logs structures
  • A path servicing all the areas
  • Family exercise area
  • Children’s sport equipment and exercise area
  • Medium size gym equipment area for all including disabled
  • A flat exercise area
  • A central seating area for those who just want to watch
  • Possibly a small amphitheatre for talks plays etc.

There are some of the ideas so far if anyone wants to input other suggestions they will be happily received and given consideration as this is for the health and enjoyment for the community.   Contact the Parish Council or Councillors.  Obviously this project will require a large investment and so we will be looking for grants and other contributions from wherever we can get them.

For further information contact.
Council Chairman Roberta Swiers (01723) 584386
Vice Chairman Simon Green (01723) 581236
Cayton Parish Office (01723) 586869 manned Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Councillor Simon Green
Tel: 01723 581236

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