Latest Police Report for July 2020

Latest Police Report for July 2020

Op Cracker June 2020 – In conjunction with Police Volunteer coordinator, Antony Baldwin and McCains, a new advice booklet has been produced at short notice in response to covid-19.  This provides information on a whole host of issues including social distancing, local contacts and general crime prevention advice. An electronic copy of this booklet is attached to the email this report was sent with.  You are more than welcome to upload the electronic version to your Parish website as Cayton Parish Council and Seamer Parish Council have done. &
We are also distributing the booklet to organisations which help vulnerable people such as Westway Open Arms in Eastfield and Filey Lions. Please let us know of any others who would like some.

We are continuing with four multi-agency meetings per week to combat persistent ASB and assist those most vulnerable people and high risk domestic issues. The meetings are run in conjunction with the Community Impact Team from Scarborough.  We currently have 27 live cases that we are dealing with across the area.

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